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Associated Counselling Has Helped Many Survivors of Trauma

Surviving Trauma

Surviving trauma, any type of trauma, can be very confusing and painful. Often what you want and what is happening are two different things. There are very explainable reasons why you cannot “just let it go.” Associated Counselling is very successful in helping people learn to understand what is happening to them and how they can truly heal their traumatic wounds.

We Can Help You Find Peace

We are able to assist you with your most painful and stressful feelings and experiences; we can help you find peace. We understand that most, if not all traumatic events, are not logical. They are physical and emotional. We can help you understand what you did to survive and why your trauma symptoms are lingering. We can also help you learn how to heal and to make your trauma symptoms and traumatic stress go away.

We’ve Worked with Hundreds of Trauma Survivors

Having the benefit and experience of working with hundreds of trauma survivors, we have worked with people who have lived through war, natural disasters, interpersonal violence, terrorist attacks, neglect and abandonment in childhood, major car/plane/train accidents, fires, rape and sexual assaults, physical assaults, domestic violence (for all involved, including witnesses), torture, exposure to working with trauma and many other things that overwhelm the human body.

Dissociation is a Normal Response

Dissociation is something that is very, very common and goes hand-in-hand with traumatic experiences. It can be even further confusing and frightening if you have some dissociative responses and you are not aware that what you are experiencing is normal or no one has explained it to you. At Associated Counselling, we have experience with the dissociative process. It makes reasonable sense and we can help you, in a safe environment, reduce or stop the dissociative symptoms.

Extensive Knowledge Working with Child Abuse Survivors

We also have extensive knowledge in working with survivors of child abuse, including sexual (fondling to rape) assaults, physical (severe spankings to life-threatening beatings) assaults, psychological abuse and/or neglect. Our knowledge and experience can help you heal from the severe pain of child abuse.

The Road to Inner Freedom from Painful Events

Healing from trauma can be difficult. If not treated appropriately, survivors are often overwhelmed with their thoughts and feelings. However, once you gain a real understanding of what you went through, why you did what you did and why you do what you do, then you can make sense of your inner feelings and experiences and the pain does subside. Once you can learn to regulate your fear, become mindful of your inner sensations and experiences, learn and attune to yourself and create self-attachment, self-love comes naturally. Learning to trust yourself and why you are the way you are is often the road to inner freedom from painful events.

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