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Recognize the Symptoms of Childhood Trauma with Associated Counselling

Traumatic Stress in Childhood & Children

Associated Counselling provides counselling for many survivors of childhood trauma. For children, dealing with traumatic stress is different than adults. They often deal instinctually with chronic stress and maltreatment by moving into a “survival mode,” utilizing various avoidance tactics such as:

  • Amnesia

  • Loss of feeling

  • Believing that the event is not real, not that bad or that the abuse is occurring to someone else

The earlier a person experiences trauma, multiple traumas, chronic trauma, interpersonal trauma and early traumatic attachment, the greater the consequences. Many survivors of severe trauma are burdened by impairments in self-care, cognition and memory, identity, personality development, emotional regulation and the capacity to form stable relationships.

The Effects of Childhood Trauma

Traumatic experiences in childhood can affect every aspect of the body, mind, emotional and imaginative systems. Re-current trauma at younger ages affects:

  • Emotions

  • Self-concept

  • Whole neurobiological system

  • Genetic expression

  • Personality development

  • Mental process

  • Physical/body/pain issues

  • Emotional & behavioural systems

  • Spiritual systems

As a result of the trauma, children and adult survivors of child maltreatment may be unable to develop a unified sense of self and an emotional understanding of themselves or others. They may also experience a major sense of loneliness and aloneness, confusion about self or the world, low self-esteem, addiction issues, relationship issues, and a whole other host of difficulties as the result of a stressful childhood.

Therapies Address These Issues

Using therapies that address these issues, people are often able to repair or learn about their reaction to the effects of stressful childhoods. In turn, it is possible for people to have feelings of comfort, aliveness, joy, pride and a sense of belonging. To schedule an appointment for our counselling services, please contact us today.

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