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View the Details of Associated Counselling’s Neurofeedback Process

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Neurofeedback Helps the Brain Regulate Itself

Associated Counselling uses neurofeedback to assist gifted individuals and those suffering from various disorders. Using the latest computer technology (EEG Spectrum), neurofeedback is used to help the brain regulate itself and function efficiently.

Biofeedback Training

Neurofeedback is a type of feedback loop that uses electroencephalography (EEG) to provide a visual and auditory signal that can be used by a person to receive feedback about their brain activity. Neurofeedback training (NFT) uses monitoring devices to provide moment-to-moment information to an individual on the state of their physiological functioning. Neurofeedback seems to be so effective because it can give a person direct information about the conscious and unconscious processing occurring in the brain.

Valuable Addition to Therapy

Neurofeedback effectively treats and is an excellent alternative to medication for various disorders such as:


  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Anxiety

  • Depression


Additional Sources of Information

From the EEG Spectrum website:

By challenging the brain, much as you challenge your body in physical exercise, NF can help your brain learn to function better. Neurofeedback can help train the brain to:

  • Improve its ability to regulate all bodily functions

  • Improve sleep patterns

  • Help with anxiety and depression

  • Manage attention

  • Manage emotions

  • Organize the brain to function better in cases of seizures, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and autism

Get the full excerpt from EEG Spectrum here. Should you have any other questions about this technique or any of the others used at Associated Counselling, please either contact us or view our resources for more information.

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